AMY TAYLOR is an Animation, Design and VFX Producer recognized for industry-first contributions in media programming and production management for TV, Radio, Film and Video. An innovative manager who routinely directs a spectrum of creative projects, from boutique motion graphics to 24/7, multi million dollar projects for top tier ad agencies and entertainment studios, with teams of up to 200, on time and on budget.


Motion Design treatments for 45 Pepsi commercials, 22 Visa commercials, 15 Pizza Hut commercials, a major GE re-branding initiative (Ecomagination); over 100 major industry awards and an Executive Leadership role on over 130 SUPER BOWL SPOTS.

CLIENTS, past and present, include:

AOL, AT&T, Budweiser, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Duracell, Frito Lay, KFC, HBO, McDonalds, Microsoft, M&Ms, Motorola, NFL, Nokia, Pizza Hut, Office Depot, Sprint, Target, Victoria’s Secret, Walt Disney World and The Beatles.